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Vision care – see the difference

Vision Care is a family optic created with a lot of love and the desire to provide our customers with something different than ordinary glasses!

At the beginning it was only the two of us, and over the years there were many bumps in our journey, many successes, and not one or two stumbling stones. Our mistakes were the best lessons that made us all the better. The successes did not blind us, but showed us that we found the right way. And now that we look back we see that we are not alone on this road … with us are the thousands of clients who have trusted us and whose trust we have justified.

Today we can boldly say that we are a different optic who does not just have glasses and lenses. We offer much more than quality products, beautiful glasses and clear vision!

Come to Vision care optics in Varna and see the difference!

We have the glasses that you are looking for

Диоптрични рамки
Once glasses were only a means of correcting vision, but today they are a fashion accessory that complements the perfect styling of everyone who wants to look modern and perfect!

The truth is that sunglasses, dioptric frames, lenses and contact lenses are sold in every optic, and every optician would claim to offer the best products with great discounts!

In Vision Care we don’t just offer a merchandise, nor do we offer unrealistic high discounts from artificially inflated prices! We are professionals, not traders, who attract customers with great discounts! With us you will find real prices, and we would love to encourage our customers to purchase higher-end products at a reasonable price! In our optics you will get attitude, professionalism and a perfect result!

We have an individual approach to each and every case, and we try to solve your problem and take care of your eyesight and vision like no one else would, and take the time and attention necessary for each client so that the end result is perfect!

The glasses that we will choose together will add to and emphasize on your individuality and help you to express yourself in a unique way! In Vision Care, we offer selected models of the best frame collections, starting from $ 19 for practical customers to $ 1600 for connoisseurs. We also offer package offers for frame + glasses at a price of 25 BGN! We will do our best to make you feel special in Vision care and you will leave our Optics with glasses that will give you crystal vision, confidence and self-esteem!

And if you urgently need glasses, we will invite you to sit comfortably in our optics, listen to enjoyable music, enjoy fascinating video clips, or drink a cup of fragrant coffee … and during that time we’ll be working out your new dioptric Glasses!


Диоптрични рамки

Do you prefer contact lenses? We have a lot!

Контактни Лещи
Contact lenses are a unique vision correction solution when we want to avoid a number of inconveniences arising from wearing glasses, such as limiting peripheral vision and field of vision, glazing from the cold-warm transition, difficulty in certain sports or occupations, in which the use of glasses is unacceptable.

We can not deny the advantages that contact lenses have from glasses: they are almost invisible in the eyes, they are easily tolerated and can not be felt, they do not blur when temperature changes, they give a perfect and real image, they are extremely comfortable in sports and in certain professions, provide uncompromising peripheral vision and the ability to use modern sunglasses. Last but not least, contact lenses are a delicate correction of vision, for people who do not want others to know that they have a visual problem.

The ideal contact lens provides comfort, convenience, clear vision and health! At the same time, it is important to know that improper storage and use of contact lenses can lead to serious corneal damage, severe inflammatory processes and even loss of vision!

Contact lenses are a medical product, and we advise you to buy them only from optics in which licensed opticians and eye health professionals work, where you will get a guarantee of the authenticity of the lenses and supplies for them. Sometimes the contact lenses and supplies, offered online and at unrealistic low prices can be dangerous to the health of your eyes!

In Vision Care we offer a full range of soft contact lenses for correction of myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia from the most authoritative world manufacturers. We will determine the necessary parameters to perfectly match the contact lenses to your eyes and we will explain to you in detail how to put, remove and store them. We will ensure that dryness and irritation in the eyes remain in the past and that you enjoy a clear vision and uncompromising comfort!


Контактни Лещи

Be always stylish with new sunglasses!

Слънчеви Очила
Sunglasses are the most unique accessory for the human face since their creation until today! All the people in the world wear sunglasses for centuries, no matter of gender and age!
In the far XIV century, “sunglasses” have had a different purpose. History tells that Chinese judges have used smoked glasses in their lawsuits to cover their eyes, not from the sun’s rays, but the accusers and defenders, in order not to reveal their emotions, and thus the decision remain secret until the end of the trial!

In ancient Rome, Emperor Nero had placed in front of his eyes sandblasted emerald plates to observe more clearly and calmly his favorite gladiatorial battles.
Sunglasses, as we know them today, became popular at the beginning of the twentieth century when Sam Foster set up his Foster Grant company and in 1929 and sold his first pair of sunglasses at a stall at Atlantic City’s coastal street, New Jersey – United States.

A little later, the Baush & Lomb optical company also created the first Ray Ban sunglasses, ordered by the US Army to protect the pilot’s eyes from the harmful sun rays during flights.

Fashionable sunglasses are made thanks to Hollywood movie stars, which have increasingly begun to use them during photo shoots. They hid their eyes from the powerful lamps that were used during the filming.

Today, in the age of sunglasses, no one comes out of their home without their beloved and necessary accessory! Sunglasses give more mystery, aristocracy, style and elegance, freshness and youthful charm while protecting your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays and irritating glare!

In Vision Care – Varna we offer you selected models of the best sunglasses collections from famous designers in a wide price range, suitable for any age at impressingly good prices!

Give yourself style and self-esteem!


Слънчеви Очила

Did we mention that we also offer visual tests?

Visual tests for determining the precise diopter with maximum accuracy / refraction /
Transparency tracking of the eye’s optical mesh
Non-contact intraocular pressure measurement / tonometry /
Non-contact measurement of corneal thickness / patchimetry /
Corneal radiation Measurement (keratometry), for the precise fitting of soft contact lenses
Measuring the volume of accommodation / the ability of the eye to focus clearly on close objects due to the amount of dioptres with which the intraocular lens manages to increase its refractive power, moving from rest to maximum tension /

All this with the latest Japanese Tonoref III equipment for just 20BGN and without expanding your pupils!

If we find a deviation of any of the parameters, we’ll point you to an ophthalmologist!

Зрителен Тест

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