Dear clients,
Our optics will be open:
Monday through Friday
10am to 6pm
and on Saturday from 10am to 2pm.
Visual tests will be performed from Monday to Saturday, it is advisable to pre-register on our site or tel.
To protect each other’s health, we ask you to wear a face mask when you visit the optics!
Stay healthy!
Dear Customers, Our optical tests are tied to a purchase from our optics and cost 20lv. We do not perform visual tests only for diopter and eye state information. For this purpose, please refer to an ophthalmology cabinet. Our task is to specify a precise diopter to make you perfect glasses!
June 2022
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Optical tests include:

Visual tests for determination of diopter with maximum accuracy / refraction /

Monitoring the transparency of the optical media of the eye

Contactless measurement of intraocular pressure / tonometry /

Contactless corneal thickness measurement / pachymetry /

Corneal radius and diameter measurement / keratometry / for accurate fitting of soft contact lenses

Measuring the volume of accommodation / the ability of the eye to focus clearly on close objects, due to the amount of diopters with which the intraocular lens manages to increase its refractive power, moving from rest to maximum pressure /

A series of tests, specifying the degree of astigmatism, binocular balance, spatial vision, comfort perception of a particular diopter, etc.

All this with the latest Japanese Tonoref III equipment for only 20lv without expanding your pupils!

If we detect deviation of any of the parameters, we will refer you to an ophthalmologist!