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Thank you very much for your attention, professional and humane attitude! Work and be brave. We need people like you !!!
Borislava MukovaBorislava Mukova

They love their job and they explain with pleasure. I recommend with both hands!

G.M AdG.M Ad

Thanks for the very kind and professional attitude! High professionalism combined with a wide selection of products! I recommend !!!

Galina KirchevaGalina Kircheva

I recommend Vision Care optics to anyone looking for quality at competitive prices, fast service and expert advice. Kind and gentle, they have won me as a client.

Antoaneta Pavlinova LazarovaAntoaneta Pavlinova Lazarova

Thanks for the great work and the great attitude! You are real professionals! I will recommend your services to all my friends and acquaintances! I wish you luck and success in everything!

Anatoly GanchevAnatoly Ganchev

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the Vision care team!
You always treat your clients with great attention and professionalism!
Wide choice of glasses, frames and lenses.
I recommend to anyone looking for nice glasses / lenses and professional service to visit Optics Vision Care!

Natalya TodorovaNatalya Todorova

Great service, great attention to the customers and their personal preferences. Excellent collection and a wide selection of products. I highly recommend them to everyone!

Dimitar TodorovDimitar Todorov

The best service in town!

Ivan StoichevIvan Stoichev

One big THANK YOU to the Vision Care team.
A level of professionalism that everyone can experience if they visit this amazing optics.
Thank you, nice people!

Rado and GrettaRado and Gretta

Thank you for the attitude, the patience and the positivity with which you help your clients! Outstanding professionals - from organizing the examination, the consultation to the receipt of the finished product! Your personal attitude is even touching when you have a problem with your eyes and someone responsibly offers all sorts of opportunities to solve it at the moment. This is extremely important and valuable! This for me, have been done only by my family and my closest friends! Now you are also in this circle of mine! Be healthy and successful and hopefully there are more people like you!
Dora Vassileva

Dora VassilevaDora Vassileva

Thank you, kind people! Thanks to you, my child sees me with their new glasses and carries them with self-esteem and joy! In your optics I received quality glasses at an excellent price and I was met with wonderful attitude and advice! I am very happy with the results and the absolute professionalism and the way you have consulted us! First class optics, professional service that I recommend to everyone! Thank you, be healthy and happy!


The best optics I've ever encountered! I dare say that they did the most thorough eye examination and gave me a great deal of time and attention. They explained everything thoroughly and clearly to understand it. They picked out the most suitable contact lenses for me and they gave me valuable advice. Exclusive professionals and people! I recommend with both hands!

Janeta VasilevaJaneta Vasileva

The best professionals. From them I got the most competent opinion and the best choice of glasses.

Desislava KostadinovaDesislava Kostadinova

Excellent service! I am fascinated by the optics, great professionals! I wear glasses with a high diopter of 10 years and for the first time I get so quality service! 1. I was told what frames are suitable for my diopter and why. 2. Very fast and quality workmanship and my glasses - 7.50 D do not go beyond the frame. Thank you very much to the wonderful team of Vision Care!

Milena GeorgievaMilena Georgieva

Optics with a wide range of glasses and frames, but not least quality service with a very positive attitude towards the customer. Thank you for helping me make the best choice of glasses for me. I recommend this optics!


Excellent service!


Vision Care is an example of how loyal customers made. Glasses are eye care, but also an accessory, which requires special skills in the team of any good optics. In Vision Care I was met with a rare combination of professionalism and incredible attitude towards the customer. I wear glasses from a child, and the search for frames has always been annoying and tiring. The team not only offered me products from the very beginning that fascinated me, but patiently, carefully and thoughtfully directed me in the right direction for my final choice. Separately, I received an excellent consultation for contact lenses and the glass was lightweight. I recommend Vision Care because it is the best optics I have ever met in Bulgaria and abroad and because the consultation and choice of glasses is a pleasure with them! Thank you!

Yavor StamenovYavor Stamenov

Very responsive and wonderfully stocked.

Galina EnevaGalina Eneva

Special thanks to the Vision Care team - Incredible professionals! The equipment they have is extremely good.
They give a lot of attention and strive to help each client make the right choice.
I'm glad there are still people who understand their work and do it with pleasure!

Jackline JelyazkovaJackline Jelyazkova

Very friendly and professional staff.
The location is easy and convenient.
Prices are compatible.
Selection is good.
Thank you for our three new pairs of sun glasses 🙂

Konstantina GrozdevaKonstantina Grozdeva

Great professionals! "Suspiciously" kind and patient, excellent consultants, and last but not least, excellent products! Certainly, this will not be our last visit to Vision Care! Thank you!

Eleonora GeorgievaEleonora Georgieva

I was pretty confused about which optics to choose and I do not regret that I chose you! Patient, positive, professional, explain everything and choose the best health service package! Thank you very much!

Svetlana GoranovaSvetlana Goranova

After a lot of search right here I found my sunglasses and I spoke with these cool people for over half an hour. After a while I'll visit them again.


Thank you both Asya and Plamen for your professional, aesthetic and friendly attitude! You transform the act of wearing glasses into a nice and pretty piece of touch to one’s individual style. Will come back to you, no matter the other optical options I have - you just do the things the right way in every step from choosing to after purchase! I’d highly recommend your place to everyone looking for quality, great attitude and fast service. Warm wishes, Mihaela

Mihaela PetrovaMihaela Petrova

I bought my dioptric glasses for work with computer from Vision Care and I am very pleased. They explained everything to me about the blue light and how to better protect my eyes. Thank you!

Y. IlievY. Iliev

Unique Optics! Very accurate diagnosis (the examination itself looks like a space walk), a wonderful attitude from the team, I always get answers to my thousands of questions and I leave with a smile and very pleased with my new acquisition. For seven years this is the only optics I go in and I do not stop recommending it and taking friends there!

Angela JekovaAngela Jekova

For years I have been a customer of Vision Care Optics in Varna and I am always very pleased with the professional service and the humane and positive attitude of the lovely owners who always smile with their clients. They have a modern optical equipment, a wide selection of frames and perfect Zeiss glasses, which are at very affordable prices, despite the high class.
Thank you for being there !!!

Siika BojanovaSiika Bojanova

Hallo !
Während meiner Behandlung in der Dentaprime-Klinik habe ich dann auch den Optiker: Vision Care ,In Varna aufgesucht. Wollte mich am Anfang erst mal umschauen und da ich kein Bulgarisch kann und mein English schon lange her ist, war ich echt froh auch mit deutsch verstanden zu werden. Mit Herzlichkeit und Ihrem Fachwissen konnte mich Frau Asya Petkova dann auch noch Überzeugen. Hab mich dann noch für eine Gleitsicht –Brille entschieden! Und wie es auch bei uns nicht anders ist , wurden meine Augen erst mal nochmals vermessen. Und da mein Aufenthalt leider nicht mehr solange in Varna war wurde vereinbart das Sie mir die fertige Brille nachschicken, was dann auch ganz hervorragend geklappt hat! Vielen Dank für meine Schöne Neue und günstige Gleitsicht-Brille von Zeis!
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Dieter Scholz, BRD SchrambergDieter Scholz, BRD Schramberg

I'm extremely impressed and pleased with Vision Care, that's where they fixed my problem with contact lenses that has been bugging me for a long time.
An eye doctor from a famous hospital in Varna has recommended me some contact lenses that were very good and I could sleep with them. I bought them, and soon my eyes began to inflame and in the morning my vision was blurry. My doctor prescribed some drops and creams that temporarily calmed down the problem, and then everything began again. I went to several optics, and everywhere I was given a variety of lenses with high-water content that even more irritated me, some of them even fell from my eyes.
My acquaintances recommended the Vision Care optics where a very competent at their work man and a woman work. When I went there and told the woman everything, she asked me a few questions and explained to me the connection between the contact lenses, the humidity of the eyes, the hormones, and the radius of the eye that is important for how the lens would lie down. It turns out I have a small radius of the eye and after birth because of hormonal imbalance my eyes are drier. The optician measured the radius and offered me breathable lenses with a suitable curve and gave me a handful of drops of hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. Explained to me that it is not ok to sleep with the lenses, for better hygiene. For several months I've been using the lenses she recommended and the drops, and I have no problems and my eyes are no longer sore! The woman solved the problem so professionally and I am endlessly grateful because no doctor has paid me so much attention and nobody explained it to me the way she did. Instead they just gave me another prescription with antibiotics and creams.
I'm glad I found my new favorite optics, everyone there is very kind and they are good at their job! They made glasses to my mother and she is very pleased. She does not have headaches anymore when she works all day on a computer! I recommend this optics to everyone! Thank you, Petkovi family.

Didi IvanovaDidi Ivanova

Hearty thanks to the opticians from Vision Care Varna! Some time ago, they made glasses for my parents with a retirement offer, a Polish frame with lightweight lenses for just 25 BGN. We were impressed by the attention they offer to the elderly and how professionally they explained what was good for them. We bought glasses for 25 BGN, and we received service like it was for 2 500 BGN Thank you for the humane attitude and professionalism!

Eli VasevaEli Vaseva

For years I have been their customer and they always keep a high level of service!

Elena StoyanovaElena Stoyanova

I just want to say one big THANK YOU! You are awesome! In Vision Care Optics, I met exceptional professionals who were very kind, smiling and very informative in their answers to my many questions. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to get quality service and polite attitude.

Preslav ShterevPreslav Shterev

I am extremely pleased with the professionalism and warm attitude in Vision Care Optics. Examinations are at an extraordinary level. Everything is explained to the last detail. The setting inside is also very welcoming and relaxing (and we know how much everyone worries when it comes to their eyes). I know about the optics for about 2 years now, and since then, there is no other optics for me and I recommend it to all my friends and relatives. I wish them even more successes (satisfied customers are a constant there). Thank you!

Kosta Petrov-ExKosta Petrov-Ex

The customer service was really professional and friendly and I got a nice pair of glasses at a decent price.

Ivo DimitrovIvo Dimitrov

When I first stepped into Vision Care Optics 8 years ago, I was extremely worried because I had just discovered a problem with my vision. There, however, they welcomed me in the warmest and greatest way, and explained everything to the smallest detail and after our first meeting I was sure I would get the best service and quality! They always approach every client with respect and attention to every detail. Thank you, Vision Care, for being able to enjoy a clear eyesight again!

Ivalina IlievaIvalina Ilieva

I have eye problems since childhood. This year I had an operation. After that, they prescribed  me new glasses that were created at Vision Care, 51, Vladislav Varnenchik Blvd., Varna. I was pleasantly surprised by the attention and responsiveness of Asya Petkova. There are a few examples in my life (I am already 64 years old) of such caring attitude that she and her husband Plamen Petkov had to my case. I noticed that the attention was not only to me, but to everyone who was browsing in their optics. I am grateful for their patience and the professionalism they showed on my case and that touched me. Their kindness warmed my heart.

Hristina KirilovaHristina Kirilova

Polite and careful professionals. Wide selection of frames and glasses. The most modern examination equipment and glass manufacturing. The products are in a wide price range for every pocket. Attractive promotions and discounts. And I'm excited about their glasses creation. I'm a client of Vision Care because I see crystal clear with the glasses made by them. Visit them too and you wont be sorry.

Yulian YanevYulian Yanev

I've been wondering for a long time whether to visit this optics and I'm glad I did it. They give the necessary time and attention to each client, for which I am extremely grateful to the employees. I recommend the optics. The service is very good and the prices are affordable for everyone. Keep up the good work!

Denny KrystevaDenny Krysteva

After my enormous disappointment with a famous optics brand, Vision Care was the optics I chose. I am extremely pleased with the professionalism and warm attitude in Vision Care Optics. Exams are at an extraordinary level. Everything is explained to the client to the last detail. They are exceptional, they really work for the customer. THANK YOU

Seval IzetovaSeval Izetova

Amazing professionals. I recommend this optics to everyone.
Good luck and success to the whole team

Kostadin BogdanovKostadin Bogdanov

Some time ago I made glasses in this optics. People were very kind and responsive. The selection of frames took a lot of time and lots of samples to find the right ones, but they were very patient with me. They asked me what price I was willing to pay ... and although things turned out to be more expensive because of the glass itself, they made a discount for me to match my price range. Extremely patient, polite and very quick in making the order! I recommend with both hands!
Thank you, Asya and Plamen Petkovi!

Daniel DimitrovDaniel Dimitrov

In this optics I met not only professionals, but I also found people who kept the customer happy, regardless of the effort and time they would put and show concern to the problem of every client. I really would like to express my greatest admiration for these people and their way of working. Extremely responsive, with pleasure and clarity answered every single question. Since I've been working on a computer for most of the day, they've taken care of getting the best quality glasses to give me maximum protection and eye comfort. Prices are affordable for everyone who would like the best for their eyes.

Thank you, Asya and Plamen Petkovi!

With respect


Hearty thanks, dear ones for your professionalism and attention. I felt love! I not only left your optics with new glasses, you helped me forget about skin cancer and the mark that is probably still in place, but I can not see it anymore. I feel beautiful thanks to you!

Neli ChernevaNeli Cherneva

Sincerely thank you! The professionalism and the love for what you do are really great! Your attitude towards customers is humane and unaltered! You have succeeded in preserving in your hearts the kindness and the concern for the people that many lose with time. THANK YOU

Stanislava AtanasovaStanislava Atanasova

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