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Vision Care opened doors in Varna on one sunny day in May 2003. As it often happens, it all started with an idea – to offer quality products, individually professional, honest and friendly attitude to each client. Since then, we strive to be faithful to this principle, and the thousands of customers who have trusted us and remain impressed and satisfied are proof that we are doing well. We continue to take care of each client with a lot of attention, because we don’t just offer glasses and lenses, but also great care for each one of you!
We start by listening to you and discussing your situation and together we find the best solution! Every client is special to us, so we individual approach to any question or problem. In the cozy atmosphere of Vision care optics, besides perfect vision adjustment, we will also make you look beautiful and unique, with the confidence that you wear a quality product and a fashion accessory that makes you amazingly unique and attractive!
To offer the best care for your vision in Optics Vision care, we use the first in Bulgaria Tonoref III device from the Japanese company NIDEK, a leader in measuring technologies.
TONOREF III combines the features offered by an auto-refractometer, a contactless tonometer, an auto-keratometer and a contactless pachymeter in one device.
Nidek is the first manufacturer to introduce all these features into a device that measures clinically important parameters with high precision.
With TONOREF III, complex measurements can be made quickly and easily, without compromising the clinical effectiveness and comfort of the patient.
In Vision care we measure accurately your dioptres, intraocular pressure (to prevent glaucoma), corneal radius (for maximum contact lens alignment), accommodation volume (eye ability to focus on close objects) and check the clarity of Intraocular lenses.
The device allows automatic calculation of corrected intraocular pressure using data from corneal thickness and subjective intraocular pressure
We now have one of the most advanced pulse welding machines in the world – Orion 200i2. The device is a complete, precise welder with the speed of a laser, combining flexibility, power and ease of welding. Vision Care customers can now also benefit from breakage repairs (depending on the breakage).

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Vision care
Vision care
Vision care

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